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With over 15 years experience, Annapolis Billing has been providing the Health Care Community with the highest level of quality in the Medical Billing Industry.


For the past ten years, Annapolis Billing has been servicing the Health Care Community and has been responsible for providing top quality and outstanding services ever since. We focus on providing a multitude of service on various levels from Medical Billing to IT Support and Services.

Our Highly skilled and professional staff is able to assist you with all of your needs. In the Health Care Industry, we know time is extremely valuable. Why spend the time agonizing over unpaid claims and bills when you can focus your complete attention on your practice, patients and on what you do best!

Let Annapolis Billing Services work hand-in-hand with you to free your time and save you the headache! Servicing the Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania area, we are here to work for you.

Contact Annapolis Billing today and you will find that we offer what you want most; professionalism, quick turn around, reduced coding errors and unpaid claims and a positive impact on your practice!