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  Annapolis Billing Services offers expert Medical Billing Services to our clients.


Fewer Headaches, Less Time Managing – Annapolis Billing Service takes the burden off your staff and ensures you get reimbursed. You can stop worrying about the under – payment from insurance carriers, coding errors, and claims not reimbursed.


Annapolis Billing Services provides the necessary tools for you to manage your practice, such as:  Cash-Flow to the Practice through the following medical billing services:

·       Electronics Claims Processing

·       Denial Follow Up

·       Manual (Paper) Claims Processing

·       Payment Posting

·       Superbill Posting

Revenue - Cycle Management – Revenue Cycle Management requires more commitment now than ever before. Our experienced billing staff will provide you with practice tools such as: 

·     Analyzing Charge Capture

·     Reviewing Medical Codes

·     Monitoring Adjustments

·     Keeping Updates On All Changes In Coding and Legislation

Patient Financial Services – ABS provides:

·     Billing and Collection

·     Credit and Collection Policies

·     Custom Monthly Financial Reports

·     Accounts Receivable Management

·     Reimbursement Analysis

·     Monthly Patient Statements and Collections Letters

Advantages to ABS:

·     Higher Accuracy – Eliminate coding errors and other billing errors that will delay your payments.

·     Lower Overhead – No staff turnover, no employee benefits, and no need for   training and re-training. No delay in cash – flow during absenteeism.

·     Improved Cash Flow – 95% of claims paid within 35 days.

·     Professionalism – Full time, professional attention to your cash flow at all times