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In House Vs Annapolis Billing




We calculate a rate that is fair to both your practice and Annapolis Billing Service. There are economies of scale in billing, so the bigger the practice, the lower the rate. Also, the higher the average charge, the lower the rate. The percentage we generally charge a practice is 6.0% of net collections (example percentage used below), but each practice is different and we consider all elements of the practice.


Let's look at the cost of performing the billing services for one physician COLLECTING $50,000.00 per month .In this scenario, we will use one billing employee for a single physician. 


One Billing Employee for a single physician'




Billing company


Employee Biller


Trained Medical Billing Team


 After hours/overtime

 805.00 ( 40 hours  per yr)

Follow-up and appeals team


Health Insurance


Health Insurance


Vacation time (2 wks)


No vacation time


Sick Time (5 days)


No sick days




No taxes


Software Maintenance


Software maintenance


Clearing house, postage and forms


Clearing house, supplies and postage


 Centricity PM


Billing software




Management Reports

Included and invaluable

Incentive to be relentless


Incentive to be relentless


Total Employee and supply Cost for in-house billing.








Total Savings

Total  Annapolis Billing Service  



 $11, 055.00 - Time, Money and Headaches







EMR Solutions

Annapolis Billing Services has been serving the healthcare industry since 1994. Our medical billing specialist offer years of expertise in billing, coding, EMR, and EHR.

We offer our clients back office billing services utilizing the following Practice Managment and EMR systems.

Allscripts Professional and MyWay- all versions. We can assist with all your conversion needs.

Eclinical Works- Proficient in Eclinical Works ABS provides an entire staff support and billing expertise.

GE Centricity- EMR and Practice Management System. We have the ability to implement a new system for your office and train your staff. Please call Susan Buckingham for more information. 410-266-1588 ext. 427

NextGen- Annapolis Billing Services is proud to offer medical billing services through NextGen.

Medical Mastermind- ABS serves Medical Mastermind clients from primary care to specialities with transparency in all aspects of their billing and insurance follow up.


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