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How much do you charge for your billing and related services?

While most billing companies will quote you a rate over the phone, Annapolis Billing Services rates are custom based for each client. Our rates depend on the practice size, needs, and condition. We meet with each of our clients on an individual basis to customize a plan to fit your exact needs. Contact us for a price quote and a representative will be happy to work with you.

How do we get our information to you?
Currently we offer several different options to collect your information depending on what is most convenient for you. Weather you choose electronically, FedEx, UPS, DHL, or via courier service, we are flexible to work with you on any method.

How do I know that my claims are being paid and what the progress is?
You will receive a monthly review which will include your accounts receivable and practice status in detail. You can call to speak to a representative at any time to check on the status of your account and you will have 24/7 access to your personal data base. We keep you updated every step of the way.

What specialties do you bill for?
We are able to bill for almost every medical specialty with the exception of Anesthesiology. We have a wide client base of physicians specializing in many different areas. We are able to provide references and statistics based upon actual and current clients.

Who takes the patient calls for billing questions?
Patients call us directly and speak with a live representative. We handle all patients – billing questions.

How long is the set–up process?
We can start the process immediately but are able to make a better estimate after reviewing your practice.


EMR Solutions

Annapolis Billing Services has been serving the healthcare industry since 1994. Our medical billing specialist offer years of expertise in billing, coding, EMR, and EHR.

We offer our clients back office billing services utilizing the following Practice Managment and EMR systems.

Allscripts Professional and MyWay- all versions. We can assist with all your conversion needs.

Eclinical Works- Proficient in Eclinical Works ABS provides an entire staff support and billing expertise.

GE Centricity- EMR and Practice Management System. We have the ability to implement a new system for your office and train your staff. Please call Susan Buckingham for more information. 410-266-1588 ext. 427

NextGen- Annapolis Billing Services is proud to offer medical billing services through NextGen.

Medical Mastermind- ABS serves Medical Mastermind clients from primary care to specialities with transparency in all aspects of their billing and insurance follow up.


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