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ABS and Allscripts A Winning Combination

Information is critical to the practice of medicine. Allscripts Professional EHR delivers what physicians want and require to manage their practice and their patients. Allscripts Professional provides the physician the critical information through secure access anytime and and anywhere. ABS has the expert staff available to review notes and bill your claims accurately and quickly. Results ... fast cash flow!

Electronic Health Record

You’re in control of clinical information, with flexibility to match your work style and specialty. Professional EHR’s navigation mirrors a physician’s mindflow and makes documentation faster and easier. ABS staff have found the system to be easy to learn for physicians offices and support to be available to assist quickly.


Physician’s Desktop 

 Allscripts Professional provides Physician’s Desktop makes it easy to manage complete clinical administration on a single screen—it doesn’t get more convenient than this.

Patient Encounter

Quickly access relevant data from previous visits, including stored diagnostic tests such as ECGs. From pre-exam work-up to assessment and plan, you have the tools to provide more efficient care. 



Health Maintenance

Get straightforward information on a single-screen, including preventative reminders, and pending labs and procedures.


Lab and Procedure Orders

We take the burden out of the lab and procedure orders process. Develop disease-based procedure templates and handle orders in-house, or send them to external labs via the simple interface. Streamline order entry by leveraging a powerful search engine, Procedure IT, which simplifies lookup of otherwise complex CPT codes, in provider-friendly terms.


Medication Management

Be alerted to allergies and interaction warnings from the industry’s gold standard Medi-Span® drug database. Reduce refill turnaround time, and receive refill requests and pharmacy preferences from the Patient Portal.


Clinical Decision Support

Through support of content programs such as HEDIS and PQRS, leverage real-time, patient-specific alerts and notifications to ensure that providers have actionable information at their fingertips. Instant access to critical data and prospective notifications based on real-time documentation facilitate positive behavior changes at the point-of-care, improving patient outcomes. ABS can help with Meaningful Use and facilitate with the federal funds available to physicians.

Practice Management

Available as a standalone PM solution or as an integrated part of Allscripts Professional EHR/PM, Allscripts PM connects the clinical and business sides of your practice. Let ABS be your back office expert and get your claims paid fast and accurately.


Credentialing Experts

Medical Credentialing

Medical credentialing is a process used to evaluate the qualifications and practice history of a doctor to establish competency. This process includes a review of a doctor’s completed education, training, residency, and licenses. It also includes any certifications issued by a board in the doctor’s area of specialty. Hospitals, insurance providers, Medicare and Medicaid conduct medical credentialing to determine which physicians meet their requirements prior to permitting them to practice in their network. These entities continue to do so, on a regular basis as dictated by states, regulatory bodies and accrediting organizations. While this may seem like a simple, straight-forward process, each hospital and third-party agency requires their own specific type of medical credentialing processes, forms, rules and requirements. Therefore, it is imperative to know the specifics of each hospital or agency in order to save time, money, and headaches. Without specific knowledge of what is required or not completing the forms accurately credentialing could take months.

Save time and headaches by utilizing our experts in Medical Credentialing. Here are a few tips:


§                 When submitting the 855B form, the name of the practice must match exactly with the name submitted on the         practice’s IRS letter, the National Provider Identifier (NPI) letter, and the practice checking account.

§                 When you have multiple office locations, each of those addresses must be on file with each health plan. If you send in a claim with an office address that is not in the health plan’s billing system, the claim will either be denied or paid as out-of-network.

§                 In most cases, only authorized or delegated officials may report changes to the practice’s Medicare enrollment record.

§                 Once a physician’s Medicare number is issued, it must be used within a 12-month period or face deactivation. If deactivated, the 855I form will need to be resubmitted.









Annapolis Billing Service is proud to be an active member of the following Medical Professional Associations :

  Annapolis Billing Services is proud to be a resource and a member of ASCA by following their mission to provide excellence to Ambulatory Surgery Centers throughout the Maryland Virginia, D.C. and Delaware area.The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) is the national membership association that represents ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and provides advocacy and resources to assist ASCs in delivering high quality, cost-effective ambulatory surgery to all the patients they serve.



     MedChi- The Maryland State Medical Society  Annapolis Billing Services is a proud member of MedChi's Vendor Affinity Program and supports Medchi Medical Society through events, such as Mardi Gras Trade shows, Spring House of Delegates meetings and the Fall House of Delegates meetings.  In additional, Annapolis Billing attends MedChi county meetings for Anne Arundel, Howard and Prince George Counties. Annapolis Billing Services is selected for various recognitions throughout the year. Join Annapolis Billing in celebrating vendor of the week for MedChi Maryland .



   Maryland Medical Group Management Associations ( MGMA)   Located at  Post Office Box 726 Riderwood, Maryland and can be reached by calling 410-382-6374 MGMA offers webinars and in person educational tools for managers, front desk, personnel and management suggestions for physicians. Annapolis Billing Service has been a member of MGMA Maryland for over 10 years.


               Montgomery County Medical Society - Annapolis Billing  Services is proud to be a corporate sponsor of Montgomery County Medical Society. MCMS is located at  15855 Crabbs Branch Way Rockville, Maryland 20855. Contact Montgomery Medical Society by calling (301) 921-4300


            Maryland Orthopaedic Associations  Giving Maryland Orthopaedists a voice and representation for your issues. Annapolis Billing continues to support MOA attending Trade Shows and events to support issues concerning Marylander's Health. Trade Show and events funds are to support the association in their quest to advocate for legislative issues.

EOB Processing

Annapolis Billing Services prides itself on our EOB processing and reviews. Our service of review and posting by an experienced medical biller assures proper posting and payment for services rendered. Should the EOB reflect a difference in payment, our staff will immediately resubmit or request more information on the claim. Many times the resubmission creates more revenue. Our staff's experience serves our physicans in revenue and posting reviews.

EMR Solutions

Annapolis Billing Services has been serving the healthcare industry since 1994. Our medical billing specialist offer years of expertise in billing, coding, EMR, and EHR.

We offer our clients back office billing services utilizing the following Practice Managment and EMR systems.

Allscripts Professional and MyWay- all versions. We can assist with all your conversion needs.

Eclinical Works- Proficient in Eclinical Works ABS provides an entire staff support and billing expertise.

GE Centricity- EMR and Practice Management System. We have the ability to implement a new system for your office and train your staff. Please call Susan Buckingham for more information. 410-266-1588 ext. 427

NextGen- Annapolis Billing Services is proud to offer medical billing services through NextGen.

Medical Mastermind- ABS serves Medical Mastermind clients from primary care to specialities with transparency in all aspects of their billing and insurance follow up.


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